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Product Highlights

  • Conveniently dispense hot water (≥80°C) & icy cold water (≤10°C)
  • Built-in with "Child Safety Latch" to avoid scalding
  • Directly connected to the water tap
  • Installed with 3-stage water filtration system
  • Available in matte black color only
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Satisfied Customer!
PropertyGuru Group

❝We have been using Pere Ocean for many years. Their delivery has always been prompt & service is always done with a smile (from customer service to the delivery staff). The manager in-charge of our account – Abigail Vargas, in particular has been very helpful with our urgent requests. Really appreciate it. Keep up the great job!❞

High Water Consumption?

Pere Ocean’s Direct Piping Water Dispenser is suitable for places with high water consumption & access to tap water. Unlike water bottle dispenser, you don’t need to frequently change & lift bulky gallon bottles.

Want to Find Out More?

Can rent for 1 year, 2 years/ more.

shopping_cart  BUNDLE DEAL PACKAGE

1 x Water Dispenser
1 x Tube Hose
1 x Ball Valve Adapter
1 Year Warranty (T&C Apply)
Free Delivery
Free Basic Installation (within 3m from water pipe source with no additional piping, electrical/ drilling works)


We deliver only to lift accessible location/ self-collection at our warehouse. We don’t do same day delivery.

Product Specifications

Power SupplyAC 220 V / 50 Hz
Cold Water Power 90 W
Cold Capacity/ Hour3 L per hour (Less than 10ºC)
Cold Tank Volume3 L
Hot Water Power550 W
Hot Capacity/ Hour5 L per hour (More than 80ºC)
Hot Tank Volume1.2 L
Product Size31 (W) X 38 (D) X 110 (H) cm
Packing Size32 (W) X 39 (D) X 120 (H) cm
Available ColorsBlack Only

Unsure of Drinking Tap Water?

With Pere Ocean’s direct piping water dispenser, you no longer have to worry. Our dispenser has three stages of filter installed. The water filtration system consists of: 1) Polypropylene Filter (PP), 2) Ultra-Filtration Filter (UF) & 3) Post-Carbon Filter (T33).

Water Bottle Dispenser VS Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Unlike a direct piping water dispenser, a water bottle dispenser does not have any filters installed. A water bottle dispenser is normally used together with a big gallon water bottle that comes in various sizes such as 10L & 19L, while a direct piping water dispenser needs to be connected to a water tap. Therefore, a direct piping water dispenser requires a change of filtration set at least once a year to ensure the quality of dispensed water. Simply contact us to make your next appointment for filter change now.

What Is A 3 Stage Water Filtration System?

1. PP Filter

Coarse filtration of raw water, filter out sediment in the water, impurities, rust, suspended solids.


2. UF Filter

The absorption & removal of soluble in water color, odor, chlorine, organic matter.

3. Post-Carbon Filter (T33)

Removes residual chlorine & organic chemicals, as well as get rid of bad taste& odors.

Tired of Frequently Boiling Water?

With Pere Ocean’s water dispenser, you no longer need to boil water. Just one press & you get hot water (⩾80°C). Design safer for homes with children & elderly; built-in with a safety lock to avoid scalding.

What is a Child Safety Latch?

Otherwise known as Hot Water Tap Safety Catch. It prevents accidentally dispensing of hot water as it requires user to push & unlock the safety catch before they can dispense hot water. All of our newest range of water dispensers have a built-in safety catch. Watch our video on how to dispense hot water now.
gold label floor stand direct piping water dispenser

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