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We’re a trusted provider for corporate office and home water dispensing and purification system with more than 30 years’ experience in Malaysia. We offer various types of hot and cold water dispenser. We are aware that there are different brands offering water dispensers in the market with a wide range of varieties and functions. There are many confusions in the market on what should be picked, what are the priorities and what benefits different water dispensers can offer. So, if you unsure of getting a water bottle dispenser or a direct piping water dispenser, speak to us and we promise to offer the best advices. One of the most common used water dispenser is our popular hot and cold water dispenser, which is very versatile for offices and for home use. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try our best to find the right water dispenser especially just for you. Aside from water dispensers, Pere Ocean also offers a wide range of mineral water packages for customers, including bottled natural mineral water, distilled water, private labelled water bottles, vitaminized bottled drinks and many more. Our mineral water is our pride and glory of the business. Every drop of sourced mineral water is promised to be drawn from a 300 feet deep spring producing all-natural & fresh mineral water retaining its natural minerals composition. Our mineral water then goes through a stringent water filtration and bottling process by a team of professionally trained staff. On top, Our manufacturing process has been certified to comply with international food safety standards, ISO 22000:2005. So purchase our natural mineral water confidently.

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  • Suitable for Outdoor/ Places Without Nearby Water Tap
  • Choose Either Natural Mineral Water/ Distilled Water
  • Top Load/ Bottom Load Model Available
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  • Able to Cater to High Drinking Water Consumption
  • Includes Water Filtration System
  • Floor Stand/ Table Top Model Available
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