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Bottled Water Dispenser Definition

A bottled water dispenser is a type of water dispenser that doesn’t need to be connected to a water pipe to use. Instead, this type of water dispenser uses bottled water refills otherwise known as gallon bottled water due to its size. Some of the common sizes of these refills are 5 gallons and 3 gallons. You can also choose the type of water, either Natural Mineral Water/ Distilled Drinking Water.


The perks of having a bottled water dispenser at home/ office are versatility and convenience. You can place a bottled water dispenser practically anywhere. Simply connect to a power socket to continuously enjoy hot and cold drinking water

Bottled Water Dispenser Types

Bottled water dispensers can be categorized into two main categories based on where they can be placed. A floor standing or floor stand water dispenser is placed directly on the floor while a tabletop water dispenser is placed on a table.

Top Loading Versus Bottom Loading Technology

When using a top-loading or top-load bottled water dispenser, you place the refills directly on top of the water dispenser. The gravity will then pull down the water from the refill bottle into the hot and cold tank of the water dispenser. As for a bottom-loading or bottom-load bottled water dispenser, you’ll place the refills into a special compartment at the bottom of the water dispenser and insert a stainless steel suction tube into the bottle.


Compared to a bottom load water dispenser, a top load water dispenser tends to require more energy and proper lifting technique to lift the refills

Having space constraints? A simple trick for you – keep things off the ground. The compact size of our table top model hot and cold bottled water dispenser allows you to place it on your kitchen top and keep your walkway clear.

Product Size: 31.5 (W) X 37 (D) X 51.5 (H) cm
Product Code: K.SADISP056

With the bottom load access hot and cold bottled water dispenser, you don’t have to worry about hurting your back while lifting big bulky gallon bottles. Especially for the ladies, you no longer have to wait for the men.

Product Size: 31 (W) X 38 (D) X 110 (H) cm
Product Code: K.SADISP057

Compatible to any of our big water bottles – 19L/ 10L. There’s even an extra space for you to store your pantry items in the bottom compartment of this floor standing hot and cold bottled water dispenser. Just remember to keep it clean!

Product Size: 33 (W) X 32 (D) X 96 (H) cm
Product Code: K.SADISP055

“Less is more”. Do you need only the hot water function for a cup of warm coffee/ tea? This is the bottled water dispenser for you.

Product Size: 31 (W) X 31 (D) X 42 (H) cm
Product Code: NA

Black & white too common?  We’ve grey coloured hot and cold bottled water dispenser. Beyond its simple outlook, it has stronger heating and cooling capacity while being energy saving as it’s certified “Star Energy”.

Product Size: 30 (W) X 32.5 (D) X 98.5 (H) cm
Product Code: K.SADISP026

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