Mineral water for drinking is obtained from springs that are rich in various minerals such as salts and other compounds. Mineral water may contain gases that make it effervescence. It is often collected from its natural source, bottled in clear plastic bottles, and sold out for consumption by people. Unlike tap water, mineral water does not undergo any special treatment before its consumption. Purification chemicals are not added into it as it is pure and clean for use. With abundant quantities of minerals in mineral water, it improves body health hence ensuring a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of drinking mineral water;


Mineral water contains calcium. With an adequate supply of calcium in the body, the development and maintenance of bones in the body are taken care off. Calcium facilitates bone development at all stages of growth. Mineral water comes as a great source of calcium as the calcium is absorbed directly and more efficiently than other sources of calcium. Mineral water also contains bicarbonate and Magnesium minerals which facilitate the development of stronger bones. When mineral water is consumed regularly, it prevents the risk of bone diseases and in turn, improves bone health.


The carbonates present in mineral water protect the body from heart diseases. Carbonated mineral water reduces the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol ( Light Density Lipoprotein) and triglycerides. The cholesterol may cause heart diseases such as stroke and heart attacks. Carbonated mineral water significantly increases the production of ‘good’ cholesterol (High-Density Lipoprotein) which helps fight heart diseases. The magnesium in mineral water also plays a massive part in heart health. Magnesium reduces the risk of dying from heart diseases.


High blood pressure is connected to inadequate levels of Magnesium and calcium minerals in the body. Mineral water contains both magnesium and calcium, which can be absorbed directly into the body and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. When the blood pressure is high, the body is at risk of heart diseases. Hence drinking mineral water can reduce blood levels in the body.


Bottled mineral water plays an essential role in regulating the circulation of blood in the body. The presence of high levels of calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium in mineral water improves blood circulation. All these minerals play a huge role in promoting blood circulation. These minerals regulate normal heartbeat rhythm and the heartbeat rate.


Bottled mineral water contains sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, and the body absorbs potassium minerals which play a significant role in ensuring water. They also play a crucial role in preventing body dehydration. The minerals also reduce the concentration of calcium oxalate and hence reducing the risk of kidney diseases such as kidney stones.


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