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Mineral Water

Refreshing Natural Mineral Water from Underground Springs

Located in deep underground springs, where rain water flows through many layers of sand and stones which act not only as natural filters but the water also collects mineral elements from these layers such as iron and calcium which are beneficial to our bodies.

  • 19 litre Mineral Water
  • 10 litre Mineral Water
Drinking Water

Pure Drinking Water obtained through highly advanced reverse osmosis filters

Drinking water is processed through highly advanced reverse osmosis membranes which traps impurities down to almost molecular level, allowing only pure drinking water to pass through. Our difference is that we pass the water through not just one, but two reverse osmosis membranes, ensuring the highest quality of drinking water you can find in the market.

  • 19 litre Drinking Water
  • 10 litre Drinking Water
Distilled Water

Pure Distilled Water obtained through distillation process

Water is boiled to 100 degrees and then channelled to another chamber where the water vapor condenses, leaving impurities behind in the previous chamber. The result is 100% pure water, suitable for even dialysis patients.

  • 19 litre Distilled Water
  • 10 litre Distilled Water
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