Frequently Asked Questions

Our Water

Q: What is the difference between Mineral Water, Distilled Water and Drinking Water?

A: Mineral Water - Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water is sourced from a location deep within an unspoiled tropical paradise, set in green and clean environment.Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water is produced deep within the earth by natural filtration, taking on the natural minerals from its source.

Distilled Water - Pere Ocean Pure Drinking Water is totally pure water that is distilled and contains zero dissolved solids, and carries no mineral or sodium content. The water is purified through modern filtration and purification technology where all traces of minerals, impurities and chlorine are removed totally.

Drinking Water - Pere Ocean Drinking Water is water treated through Reverse Osmosis filters, which remove the finest particles from the water to make it perfectly safe for drinking. It is the perfect way to replenish the body's supply of much-needed water and oxygen – perfect for the athlete and anyone who wants to be truly refreshed.


Q: What other products do you have other than 19L or 10L bottles?

A: Beside 19L or 10L bottles of water for the dispensers, we also carry pet bottles of 300ml, 550ml and 1.5L of Pere Ocean Mineral Water and Pere Ocean Distilled Water. On top of that, we have more. Please click here to find out.

Q: Can I find out the minimum number of cartons of water for delivery to be made to my place?

A: For free delivery, you need to order a minimum of 10 cartons of water from us, be it our vitaminised drinks, mineral water or sports drinks. Any amount less than that, will have to be self-collected.

Q:When I try to call in, I get put on hold for a very long time, and it frustrates me. Why is it so?

A: At Pere Ocean, we have a team of dedicated customer service personnel ready to help you with your orders. However, there are times when calls come in simultaneously and we are shorthanded.

This is a sign of our growing business all thanks to your constant support, but also a problem we are continually looking into to serve you better.

To help you with your order faster, we also have a dedicated team set apart just to help you. Just send us your order via email or you may like to contact us at our hotline. Our friendly customer service team will respond to you when the order has been processed. Please note that all orders will need at least one working day to process. Thank you.

Q: What is the difference between Pere Ocean bulk bottle water and the other filter water using multiple filters including active carbon?

A:Pere Ocean water is extracted from underground spring water at a depth of approximately 450—500 feet and is filtered at source extensively and sterilized in accordance to premium hygiene and safety standards before being filled and bottled for distribution. Home use filtration system uses simplified filter capsules to emulate the process but usually without the benefits of the sterilization through UV and OZONE. In addition, home use filtration system relies solely on pipe water as the water source. Hazards arisen from contamination of pipe water source due to piping defects, climates and other factors are generally hard to control.


Q: What does the Number on the Recycle Logo at the bottom of our bottles stand for?

A: 1 stands for Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) a common type of plastic used to manufacture water bottles. 7 stands for Polycarbonate (PC) is a very durable form of plastic which is impact resistant and heat resistant, which makes it very suitable for our 10 Litre and 19 Litre bottles.

Q: Can Our Bottles Be Recycled?

A: Yes definitely! Our Polycarbonate bottles are designed to be used for a long period, therefore reducing wastage. We are committed to do what we can for the environment. Please take good care of our bottles by not damaging them, pouring other liquids e.g. soap, oil, coffee into our bottles and we can ensure that you will receive the best quality at the from us!

Q: Can I Pour Other Liquids Into The Bottle?

A: Please do not do this as our bottles are designed to be used multiple times. Pouring liquids other than water will destroy our bottles and we will have to purchase new bottles to replace them. It will not only drive up our costs but is also bad for the environment.


Q: How Soon Can I Expect Delivery For My Orders?

A: Here at Ocean Mineral Water, we strive to uphold the highest standards of logistics operations. We ask that you to give us 2-3 business days for us to fulfill your orders as we need time to plan the routes to ensure the highest efficiency for our drivers

Q: My house has little storage space for the safekeeping of the 19L bottles; can I store the said bulk bottles at my yard or garden?

A: The appropriate storage condition is at room temperature without any direct sunlight. The reason is that sunlight will induce the suitable condition for algae to grow inside and outside of the bottle.


Q: Why there is no hot water coming out from the tap faucet of the dispenser when the dispenser was first installed?

A: This is because the hot water tank's heater gradually increases the temperature of the hot water tank in between 4-5 minutes.

Q: I have been a user for your water dispenser for a year plus and I have found some foreign objects and small particles inside the filled bottle, why is that so?

A: Pere Ocean bulk bottle water has gone through stringent quality control & assurance before sending out to our customers. Quite often when we investigate similar complains, the attributing factors are most likely due to food, biscuit, coffee, milo and some other consumables were left behind on the dispenser, especially around the top opening space of the dispenser and were sucked into the bottle during the changeover of old and new bottles.

Q: The hot water releases from the water dispenser does not seem to be fully boiled, is it safe to drink directly from the dispenser?

A: The water in the 19L bottle is fully sterilized through UV and OZONE processes and is perfectly safe to drink from the dispenser. The heater inside the dispenser is capable to drive the temperature up to 110°F and the water in the hot water tank is boiled when it is releases from the tap.

Q: If my water dispenser is not functioning, what shall I do?

A: Do not try to repair yourself. Please contact our customer service personnel at 1300-88-62326 (OCEAN) for assistance. We shall immediate dispatch technician to conduct inspection & repairs within 48 hours upon receiving your call.

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