Private Labelling

Private Label Bottled Water

custom label

Pere Ocean manufactures custom label bottled watera nd personalized bottled water for mineral water and distilled water. This is becoming a staple marketing and promotional tool in part of companies' marketing strategy mix. In order to cater such increasing demand in Malaysia, Pere Ocean decides to manufacture customized label bottled water. We offer 2 standard sizes:

  • 500 ml
  • 300 ml

We have achieved success in providing personalized bottle water and other services for clients in Malaysia, to build awareness and hype in the market. They can be amazing tool for promotional purposes, such as brand exposure, sports event, product launch, wedding, birthday, corporate gifts, limited edition products, merchandise range etc. Indeed, custom label bottled water is a universal tool to cover wide range of marketing needs.

Pere Ocean is committed in ensuring clients' brand name and reputation on the highest quality premium labeled water bottle. We would like to welcome businesses and companies to ride with us in the next wave in advertisement and promotion, and begin a new chapter with us in Malaysia.

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