Bottled Drinks

Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water sourced from a location deep within an unspoiled tropical paradise.

Pure Distilled Water

Pure Drinking Distilled Water processed by USA high technology distiller.

BOOST Sport Drink

Revitalise yourself with Pere Ocean's vibrant range of BOOST Sport Drinks. A new taste sensation with choices of 4 enjoyable flavors, namely Lemon Lime, Blueberry, Red Grape and Original, BOOST is the best choice to reliving and rehydrating your body.

For enhanced performances in your daily activities
Supercharge with BOOST!

Fruitty Vitaminised Drink

Pere Ocean Fruitty Vitaminised Drink contains essential vitamins B6, B12 and C. It contains less sugar and is thus awarded the Healthier Choice certification, which explains its popularity among students and teachers in schools.

At 450ml, the bottling deviates from the norm, setting itself apart from the rest.

Monzter Vitamin Drink

We all have an inner Monzter that is waiting to be unleashed. All you need is a bottle of Monzter which comes with an extra dose of Vitamin C. Inspired by straw-blown art, each bottle has its own unique design which represents the different flavors, Pineapple, Grape, Fruit-punch and Cherry. So drink up, feel re-energised and unleashed your inner Monzter!

private labelling

Custom-Labelled Water: The Next Wave In Advertising & Promotion For Your Company! Click on the link above to see some of our satisfied customers.

direct piping dispenser

Your choice of Natural Mineral Water, Pure Distilled Water or Refreshing Drinking Water in Convenient 19Litre or 10Litre Drums

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